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Another NaNo over…

But this one was won 🙂 It’s been a long stretch of bumpy subway rides and long sleepless nights of writing, but the final goal is worth it. Now I know I can do it, and I can do it again if I want to. Now I have something to show for the effort.

Now I know I can finish what I have started.

Because my story is not half done…


Soulhazard vol.4

This one came a little faster than expected, but I think I haven’t sacrificed quality for speed. It’s just that I had some more time to write in the last week, or maybe the story accelerating makes me want to get to the end faster. Seems like I have to take care not sacrifice length for speed now 😉


Soulhazard vol.3

As promised, the third installment is up. I’ve been thinking to do short history type pieces on the three main groups, but I realized that they were not of (real) worldwide significance in the Questioned World due to the extreme fragmentation of humanity at that point in time. Any actual history on the actors in the series would be a spoiler, so I settled for a description of the prevalent cultural properties of the Shamen, Survivors, and Unchainable instead. These are much more general and apply to most such groups, whatever they might call themselves around the globe.

Here’s the link, and I hope you enjoy this part too!

Soulhazard vol.3

Soulhazard, vol. 2

I’ve been publishing what’s best described as flash-fiction as linked, consecutive stories of a post-apocalyptic/urban fantasy world of my own creation (or is it contemporary fantasy? I have to read up on that). They are again on Smashwords, under the name of Soulhazard (a play on words with “biohazard”). Here’s the link to the last one, as well as the front cover I’ll use for the first part of the series at least.