I am a scientist, a bioinformatician to be exact.  I work in a medical research center and I have to deal daily with problems arising from the availability and usage of biological information resources.  Science, just like my stories, is an expression of my desire to discover new things that no one else knows (yet).

I recently started publishing my stories on Smashwords, including some that I specifically wrote for this endeavour.  Others have been fermenting in the recesses of my mind for some time.  I finally decided that I won’t be able to get better at writing without feedback, and that my writing won’t matter much if no one else reads it, which are for me the two purposes of publishing.

I am also working on a larger work (novella/novel) that will fall in the space opera department, including strange new worlds, stranger aliens, and spaceships all over the place.  At some point I may give some info on that, but for now there are more short stories coming your way!

So enjoy my stories, and tell me what you think!


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