The thrill of publishing

So, after a couple of days work I finally got out my very own self-published story. It will be followed by others, the wheels are in motion now. The Smashwords platform is great and true to its creators’ words – it’s made to help authors get their words to the readers, and not to sell anything to anyone. (on second reading the word “words” seems to appear quite often in that sentence…)

I will not post published stories here, only the links to them for those that read this blog first. Here it is, the first official story out of the box:

Control –

It’s completely free, as most of my planned work will be. You can find my author profile here:

Now I’m off to fill out that oh-so-desired interview on the site. Sounds a bit egotistical to interview myself, but who knows, someone might read it and then go read a story. And that is what it’s all about, isn’t it?


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